brand talk | wood wood

Danish brand Wood Wood was born in 2002 as three designers opened a shop in Copenhagen to showcase a small collection of their own graphic prints and a selection of books, clothing, toys and trainers. Since then Wood Wood has grown, merging streetwear, sportswear and high end fashion to create their own unique collection that focuses on design. Balancing style and practicality, Wood Wood’s unique aesthetic evolves out of classic shapes and clean lines.

Creating quite a name for themselves, Wood Wood have collaborated with the likes of Adidas, Nike, Maharishi, Penfield, New Balance, Fred Perry, Converse and Arkitip, but it’s not all about the fashion they’ve got their hands dirty in the world of art and music too, getting involved with exhibitions, graphic illustrations, music collaborations and even have their own cycling team. But their unapologetic, laid back style is where it all started and that’s what we love about Wood Wood.

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