Sideline hasn’t been around for long, but it’s got the feeling of a seasoned pro. Bought to life by denim specialist Ellen Brookes, the British womenswear label is known for woven indigo fabrics and thoughtful and inventive designs. All about everyday wear, Sideline uses clever cutting and an edited range of fabrics to create distinctive pieces that more than a little bit special.

With a clean and relaxed aesthetic, Sideline returns each season with a versatile collection that’s full of hidden details. It’s easy-to-wear and perfect for those who want a fuss-free wardrobe that’s not full of plain white tees and a Sideline we’re willing to take.

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And if you wanna grab a bagain get down to their sample sale at Stockroom, 11 Calvert Avenue, London, E2 on Mon 28th – Tues 29th November 2016.