box it up with the bib wine company

Boxed wine has had a bit of a bad rep over the years, not helped by the cheap rubbish you’d cart off to festivals or nights spent drinking goon in an Aussie hostel. The BIB Wine Company is here to change all that with their Bag-In-Box range. First and foremost, they’re all about quality wine and with renowned expert Justin Howard-Sneyd (a Member of Council at the Institute of Masters of Wine) on the team, they really do know they’re stuff. BIB only chooses wine from small, independent producers and low intervention winemakers, so they champion sustainable production over mass-produced wine, and it means the BIB range is always evolving.

The box part is just as important. There’s way less wastage as you don’t have to crack open a bottle if you only want a glass, and if there’s one thing we hate, it’s wasting wine. The wine lasts longer too – easily over a month – and it’s a doddle to store, which is ideal if you haven’t quite got round to building that wine cellar yet. The packaging costs are lower with boxes, meaning your money is being spent on the wine inside. BIB boxes are made from recycled and sustainable materials and they take less energy to recycle than glass, so not matter what colour vino you’re drinking it’s green. We’ll drink to that.

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