Bongo’s Bingo

Dabbers at the ready as Bongo’s Bingo is heading to Steel Yard for its debut on Friday 29th March. For those who aren’t familiar with Bongo’s Bingo, it’s been sweeping the nation and combines a game of bingo with your favourite nightclub. The fully immersive evening will have you not only playing bingo, but taking part in dance-offs and sing-alongs too.

Music-wise you can expect anything from 90’s power ballads to S Club 7, and maybe even some Guns and Roses thrown into the mix. Up for grabs is anything from a box of coco pops to big cash prices. You might even be lucky enough to walk away with your very own mobility scooter… That will save you on the taxi home!

Throughout the year Bongo’s Bingo are also launching their XL shows, taking place in much bigger locations than their flagship venues. So grab a bunch of friends and head to Bongo’s Bingo for a night of non-stop fun.