If you’re not ready to jet off to Italy, Jacob Kenedy is bringing Italy to you with new regional menus at Bocca di Lupo. The restaurant is known for showcasing specialities from all regions of Italy but these new month-long menus will dive deeper into the local ingredients and cooking styles. Sicily is the focus for September, with dishes including prawns with pesto alla trapanese, gnocchi alla norma and swordfish palerminata.

The restaurant is heading north for October, highlighting the food of Lazio and Rome with the likes of spaghetti alle vongole, fagioli con le cotiche (borlotti beans with pork rind), suckling pig with grapes & chestnuts, and burnt ricotta pie. It’s back south for November to Puglia, a region known for seafood, simple pasta dishes and wild greens, and then north once again to Piedmont for December for veal & pork agnolotti dal plin and roast partridge with polenta & bagna cauda. And if you’d not venture out to eat, you can still get in on the action because the Bocca di Lupo at Home boxes will nod the regional menus on each month.

12 Archer St, London, W1D 7BB