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As summer hits we’ve found gaining the motivation to get fitter and stronger takes slightly less effort. It’s beach bod season is it not? Since BLOK opened up in Clapton it has drawn a strong crowd of fitness fanatics who are eager to take part in the classes they offer to whip them into shape…AND we are some of them.

Over the past few months we’ve take on their Box & Bell class, which is split into 50% boxing and 50% kettle bell exercises set at a high pace, with no let up and ultimate encouragement from the instructors. BLOK have set out this class bearing in mind the fact that nobody became an A-grade boxer without a strong and stable core. The class is designed to shuttle you between a cardio boxing workout on the bags and a dynamic kettle bell work on the floor, helping you build endurance and shredding fat in no time.

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But it’s all good having the idea of joining, the hard part is doing it. What are we going to gain from this hour-long session? Well essentially what you will notice over a sustained period of time with consistent exercise at this intensity is improved fitness, strength and a build up in muscle. One of the problems we found is going there straight from work…food becomes a problem, what do you eat and when? Speaking to BLOK trainers the best advice is to stock up on a banana pre-workout as they’re loaded with digestible carbohydrates…nature’s very own PowerBar if you like, with that all important potassium helping to maintain nerve and muscle function.

One of the biggest factors in people joining workout classes, a gym, and taking up a training routine is undoubtedly to lose weight, but what about the opposite end of the scale? If you want to bulk up, get a bit hulk-ish, well BLOK tell us it’s all about the proteins you are putting into your body. One hour after your workout you can eat, and if you are in the gaining muscle and bulking up kind of world then they recommend protein by the bucket load: brown rice, brown pasta, broccoli, fish, chicken and almonds are always good.

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The final piece of the puzzle to help sustain a consistent schedule is keeping that motivation; it’s all in the mind. It’s all too easy to slip, to quit, to kid yourself you don’t have to go or you’ll make up for it the next day, but that’s not what it is all about. So BLOK tell us that during moments of weakness you have to think of your end result and keep your goals in mind, this way you’ll look forward to your achievements and this will add to your motivated. Social media is not just about putting your avo on toast, use it to show your world you take your training seriously by keeping your training diary online. Soon your friends will be saying “you are always working out…I don’t know how you do it.”

Get involved in the Box & Bell class at BLOK and be on the path to a better you.

BLOK, Clapton Tram Depot, 38-40 Upper Clapton Road, E5 8BQ