Like most of you we’ve really been missing our fave restaurants, so we’re very excited to see that another one of them is doing a food box. Blacklock has just launched the Blacklock At Home box, which comes packed with a selection of incredible meat from Cornish farmer Philip Warren, including a selections and the chops for their famous All In platter. As well as the meat, the box also contains a handy guide of how to conjure up all things Blacklock from that white chocolate cheesecake to the Sunday roast.

And if you need anymore convincing on why you should order, you’re not only helping a farmer who supplies some of the best restaurants in London survive to (he’s been hit hard) but all profits will will be donated to the End Youth Homelessness charity. Boxes drop every Monday at 10am and they sell out quickly, so set your alarms if you wanna get your hands on one.

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