New year, new you? Yeah we’ve all jumped on the bandwagon to attempt to do this healthy thing. But getting the motivation to go to the gym on these cold, dark nights is always a struggle and going for a run in the park is even less appealing, so what are we to do? Well Biofit might have just the answer, they’ve created the world’s first ‘biophillic indoor gym’ or a nature inspired to gym to the rest of us. Popping up in Notting Hill, the green space features a giant forest wall, aromatherapy, healing vegetation and acoustic music, and in terms on the gym equipment it is all made out natural materials.

When it comes to the classes you can sign for Movement, Mobility, Strength, Stamina and Play & Fight sessions. Interested? Well bag a place here and work out in nature…without getting frostbite.

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Until Fri 3rd February 2017
Unit 1 Gallery, 1 Bard Road, W10 6TP