It’s going to be year-round Oktoberfest in Tower Hill as Munich-style beerhall Bierschenke opens its second site there this month. The huge new site will fit 240 people across those traditional long beer tables, with enough space for 400 people in total…. that’s a lot of pints to be poured. Speaking of beer, the four signature brews from Müllerbräu of Neuötting will be served in steins alongside schnitzels, sausages and more classic German dishes.

To really complete the experience, the staff will be dressed in dirndls and lederhosen, and every Saturday there’ll be a live oom-pah band in the house to get the party started. And if you head down for a knees-up before the 10th July, you can get 25% OFF food and those signature beers for just £4.50. Prost!

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Opens Thurs 27th June 2019
Crutched Friars, London, EC3N