best yoga classes

Nothing clears a busy mind and stretches out a tired body quite like a good yoga class. Yoga builds core strength, increases flexibility and works wonders when you’ve got injuries that rule out other forms of exercise, so it’s a great full-body workout, regardless of whether you’re into the spiritual aspect of it or not. It’s also super easy to do at home – or anywhere that you can roll out a yoga mat – but if you don’t wanna practice those sun salutations solo, these are the three of the best yoga classes in London for you stretch in.

chromayoga | london on the inside

Chroma Yoga

ChromaYoga, as you might be able to work out from the name, uses colour and light therapy and stimulating soundscapes to create a multi-sensory yoga practice. Different kinds of light are used in different kinds of classes – energy giving red light is used for strength sessions, pink is used for restorative classes, blue (the one that helps regulate sleep and comes beaming out of all your screens) is used for dynamic flow classes and so on. In addition to bathing you in light, each ChromaYoga session uses specially composed soundtracks that correspond to the frequencies of our brains in various stages of consciousness and blends of essential oils that are relevant to the colour of the class. Basically, it’s all about getting you feeling calm, focused and in the zone so you can do those downward dogs without any distractions.


Anti-Desk Yoga at Frame

Frame runs a range of yoga classes at its dedicated yoga studio in King’s Cross but it’s the Anti-Desk Yoga that stands out. The class is designed to lengthen your body, improve your posture and relieve tension in back, neck and shoulder areas…basically to undo all the damage from sitting in front of your computer all day long. The flow is gentle but the holds are longer so you can really open up and get those stretches going. And it’s a great one to do on a lunch break.

King’s Cross

Hotpod Yoga

Hotpod Yoga is all about yoga for real life, meaning it’s suitable for all abilities. The classes are held in custom inflatable pods, with the heat set at 37 degrees, rather than in a studio so you get a smaller class size. The dim lighting and downtempo music also makes you feel like you’re in a cocoon, so it’s a more relaxing vibe even though you’re still working hard.

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