Summer Libations | The Only Drinks You Need This Season

When the sun does make an appearance there’s nothing better than having an ice cold bev in hand

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best summer drinks to crack open – when the weather does decide to play ball that is. From fruity spritzes to juicy wines, plus some actually interesting non-alcoholic options, here’s what we’re sipping on this season.


Something & Nothing Spritz

After nailing the hard seltzers, Something & Nothing have gotten into the spritz game with cans that blend quality French wines with the botanicals and juices from their seltzers. There’s French Rrosé with hibiscus & rose and sake with yuzu ones but the Sauvignon Blanc & cucumber one is the ultimate summer refresher.

Black Lines Hugo Spritz

Looking for an alternative to the classic red and orange Italian spritzes? Meet Hugo. It’s a properly crisp and refreshing, made with gin (Black Lines uses Sapling), sparkling wine, elderflower, mint, lemon and soda. Once you pop this, you’ll be drinking it all summer.

These Days Spritz

With a can of These Days, any hour can be aperitivo hour. The Sundowner Spritz, with blood orange, chinotto and organic white wine, is fresh and fruity, whilst the Venetian Spritz, with peach and organic white wine, gives a long, dry finish. Can’t choose? Load up on both for the long weekend.


Chapel Down Chardonnay

If you’ve always swerved Chardonnays on a wine list, Chapel Down is here to change your mind. The English winery has just released a 2023 Chardonnay that’s fresher and crisper than Chardonnays of yesteryear thanks to its higher acidity and notes of apple and citrus. It’s the perfect wine for warmer weather.

Hox Crush

The Hoxton has teamed up with Fat Crush to create its own label white wine, one that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s a juicy blend of unoaked Chardonnay and Viognier grapes crushed with skin contact, with summery notes of peach, pear and white flowers. And for every bottle sold, £1 gets donated to The Felix Project.

Slow Beam Pet Nat

This 2022 sparkling rosé, produced in small batches by Slow Beam in Kent, may have a hazy pink appearance but the flavours of cranberry and stone fruits are crystal clear, and it slips down a treat too.

Bodegas Ameztoi Txakoli De Getaria

Wanna pretend you’re on a gorge Spanish holiday? Nibble on some anchovies and bread and pour yourself a glass of txakoli. This Basque Country wine has a refreshing saline quality and is bursting with crisp fruits.

Et alors? Pet Nat

This juicy Pet Nat made from 100% vermentino grapes is bright and crisp thanks to chamomile notes and plenty of fizz. Get it nice and chilled, then break it out over a long lunch.


MOTH Paloma

MOTH always does great canned versions of classic cocktails and its Paloma is no different, made with Tequila Enemigo, grapefruit, soda and lime. If you always reach for a marg, try making the swap this summer – you won’t regret it.

Whitebox Freezer Martini

Fill up your freezer with these single-serve martinis made with Porters Gin, dry vermouth and lemon zest, and you’ll have a ready supply of perfectly mixed ice-cold cocktails on hand, and you won’t have had to pop out a single ice cube.

Pimentae Tommy’s Margarita

There’s something to be said for doing one thing and doing it well, and that’s exactly the approach Pimentae has. The brand does margaritas, bottled and canned, and the balance of the Tommy’s Margarita is bang on. A great one to have on hand for a picnic.


Starvecrow Pet Nat Cyder

Want a change from your usual pet nat? Try this 2020 cider made in Rye. It’s apple-y, obvs, but the fruit is complemented by notes of honey and hay, and it’s crisp and dry rather than overly sweet.

Pilton Pomme Pomme

This Somerset-produced keeved cider (a naturally sweet cider) is extra fruity thanks to the addition of quince (a fellow pome fruit like apples and pears) which adds another level of tartness to the apples in the mix.



Australian brand NON is shaking up the non-alcoholic market by using flavours found in fine-dining kitchens to create interesting alternatives to wine. The three core flavours – NON1 (Salted Raspberry & Chamomile), NON3 (Toasted Cinnamon & Yuzu), and NON7 (Stewed Cherry & Coffee) – include a blend of fruit, tannins, acidity and salinity, resulting in complex and grown-up drinks.


 Made at their very own fermentary in Buckinghamshire using handpicked loose-leaf tea, the REAL flavours – Royal Flush (with notes of stone fruit, rhubarb & peach), Dry Dragon (with notes of melon, lemon & grapefruit) and Peony Blush (with notes of nougat and summer fruits) – deliver the same punch and mouthfeel you’d expect from a sparkling vino.

MOMO Watermelon Kombucha

There’s nothing like a bit of juicy watermelon on a hot day and MOMO Kombucha knows it, which is why the brand has teamed up with Natoora for a limited edition batch made with Sentinel Watermelon. Sweet, fruity, zingy and light, it’s a proper refresher.