Saddle Up With the Best Spin Classes in London

Get ready to ride – and – sweat with these spin classes

With high energy, low impact routines set to pumping soundtracks that work your body all over and burn hundreds of cals, it’s no wonder people swear by spinning. The sessions are as much a party as they are a workout, especially if you get an instructor that picks good music for their classes.

As well as being a fun way to workout, a spin class is also an effective way to get your exercise in. Though it’s centred around a bike and therefore naturally works your legs, it’s actually a great full body workout – the high-energy routines have you switching between sitting in the saddle and standing, engaging your core, and some classes incorporate arm exercises so you get your upper body moving too. It’s also low impact, so if you find that other cardio exercises put too much strain on your joints, spinning could be a great alternative.

Most gyms that run classes will have spin bikes set up in one of their studios but we think to truly zone out and focus on riding, you want to head for a specialist studio like 1Rebel, Psycle or Digme, where the lights get turned out and the music gets turned up. These guys have spinning down to an art and offer a range of different styles of spin, like ones that include a competition element where you can see the positions of the other riders in the class (great if you struggle with motivation) and others that are more focused on staying on beat to the music.

If you don’t mind sweating with a studio full of people but don’t know which one to go for, we’ve picked out some of the best spin classes in London for you to try.

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1Rebel is a boutique fitness studio offering highly intense fitness sessions against a backdrop of live entertainment. They’ve got several studios across London where the gloves come off and beast mode comes on. They offer other workouts, like Reshape and Rumble, but Ride is what made 1Rebel. Their 45-minute seat sessions feature banging playlists and epic lighting, and the trainers will defo put you through your paces.

St Mary Axe, South Bank, Kensington, St John’s Wood & Victoria


Psycle is one of the OGs of spinning. The classes, led by top instructors, are super energetic thanks to their blend of cardio, weights and choreography, and thumping playlists and flashing lights in the studio. Obvs your body gets put through its paces but the sessions are also designed to help boost your mood and give your mind a workout too. And if you’re a spin pro, you can take on the challenge of 60 and 90 minute rides.

Oxford Circus, Shoreditch, Clapham, Notting Hill & Victoria

Digme Fitness

If you’re the competitive type then Digme is the spin studio for you. They use Keiser M3i bikes to track your stats and feed them into a display board, so you can turn it into a race. All your data is recorded onto your own personal account too so you can monitor your progress over time. They even offer a more technical Perform class, which is ideal if you’re training for something specific.

Moorgate, Richmond, Bank & Covent Garden