If food is the new rock ‘n’ roll, then it’s time to chuck away your naff old band t-shirts and start repping your real heroes: restaurants. Yes what better to way to display your fan status than with a tote bag or t shirt from your local pizza shop or wine bar? Not all merch is created equal of course but these London legends have got it down. Without further ado, here’s our guide to the best restaurant merch in London.

Napoli Gang

Napoli Gang have teamed up with Fiorucci for this tee, which not only looks great but does good as all the profits are donated to Mermaids UK, a charity that supports transgender youth.

Kold Sauce

Kold Sauce is keeping you warm with this long sleeve tee featuring a jolly hot sauce bottle on the back and slogans on the arms, and it comes in white too.

Top Cuvée

They sell you the natty wine so it makes total sense that Top Cuvée would sell you something to open it with too.

Max’s Sandwich Shop

If you thought the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ate pizza, you’re wrong, because clearly they eat Max’s mega sarnies.

Noble Rot

Noble Rot, which is one of the best wine bars in London, started life as a magazine, which is very much still going. Known for its bold illustrated covers, it’s no surprise that these guys have a sharp eye when it comes to merch.


St John has taken their iconic black and white logo and plastered it on everything from t shirts and tote bags, to aprons and ash trays. You can even get a cute little romper for your baby, which really is showing your allegiance.


Bao’s branding is pretty impeccable across the board, from the interiors of each restaurant to the website. They’re also responsible for one of the first hipster restaurant tote bags, the now famous illustration of a man scoffing a bao.

Yard Sale Pizza

Yard Sale not only serve the best pizza in London, they also have a consistently brilliant range of merch. They’ve got a load of tees with many of them created for the regular pizza collabs and visiting guest chefs such as Anthony Falco and Frank Pinello.


Who needs Gucci when you’ve got gnocchi? Rep the real G with this Pastaio tee designed by Mickey J. Ellis.


Not content with slinging out the best shrimp boil kits this side of New Orleans, Decatur also sells some shuckin’ good tees, like this one featuring a few of the team’s fave things.