The Best Christmas Crisps to Crack Open Now

There’s no denying us Brits love a crisp and it’s the season to indulge

We’ve got Christmas sandwiches and we’ve got Christmas specials, and here to liven up party season, we’ve got Christmas crisps. The trusty ready salted and salt & vinegar will always be there but every holiday season the extravagant flavours come out to play, so you can snack in style at parties (and help those hangovers the day after). From supermarket saves to boujee bags, these are the best Christmas crisps to tuck into over the festive period.

Co-Op | Turkey Tikka Masala Crisps

Co-Op are known for their crisp game and are constantly bringing out limited-edition flavours. Their current spesh Christmas bags include pigs in blankets and roast potato, and this year they’re also offering us a spin on the Boxing Day curry with these nicely spiced turkey tikka masala crisps.

Waitrose | Turkey & Stuffing Christmas Tree Tortillas

The only thing better than normal tortillas are Christmas tree shaped tortillas, which is what Waitrose have created this year. Not only do these look good, but the tortillas are flavoured with turkey and stuffing seasoning, one of the best duos at Christmas.

Savoursmiths | Christmas Ham With Umami Truffle Glaze Crisps

Want to impress your guests this Christmas? Crack open a bag of Savoursmiths, the super luxe crisps that are stocked in the likes of Harvey Nics and Harrods. Their extravagant flavours include Christmas ham with not just any old glaze but an umami truffle glaze. We’d recommend going all out and popping a bottle of the good stuff with these crisps.

Tesco Finest | Camembert, Honey & Rosemary Crisps

Tesco is bringing you the best of the cheeseboard in snack form with these Camembert, Honey & Rosemary crisps. They’re made with actual French cheese so the savouriness is there, with a lick of sweetness coming from the honey. Dip into a molten Camembert if you dare.

Sainsbury’s | Brie & Bubbly Crisps

Sure you can have drinks with your nibbles but why not have drinks *in* your nibbles too? That’s what Sainos is offering this year with its Brie & Bubbly crisps, which defo deliver on the cheese flavour, with a tanginess coming from the bubbles. Best to pair with actual fizz for the full experience.

Taylors | Boxing Day Curry Crisps

If you think the leftovers are the best part of Christmas, then these Boxing Day curry crisps, which pack a nice bit a of spice, from Taylors (previously known as Mackie’s) are the ones for you. Make it a Christmas double with their Gingerbread Toffee popcorn.

Marks & Spencer | Pigs in Blankets Combo Mix

You can’t beat a party mix and it’s not Christmas without copious amounts of pigs in blankets, so a combo of the two is always going to be a winner. If meaty crisps are a fave of yours, you’ll want to pick up a bag of two of these from M&S this year.

Walkers | Christmas Pudding Crisps

Walkers may have created the most divisive flavour this season with its Christmas Pudding crisps. If you love a bit of a Christmas pud but just which it had a little more crunch, these are the bags for you. And if you swerve the pud on Christmas Day, try at your own risk.