With 120 billion units of packaging created by the global beauty industry each year, of which an estimated 99% goes in the bin after a single use, it’s clear that there’s a problem with sustainability in beauty. Beauty Kitchen, founded by Jo Chidley, is doing its bit to change that with the launch of its full-circle, zero-waste program, which is the first time a beauty brand has offered this on a large scale.

The Return. Refill. Repeat scheme does what it says on the tin. You return your empty Beauty Kitchen container; the brand washes, refills the product and returns it back to you; and you continue the cycle. Not only does Beauty Kitchen cover the postage and for your part, you can earn up to 50% off your next order.

At first the scheme is only an option when shopping the Seahorse Plankton range but Beauty Kitchen already has plans to make it available on their Abyssinian Oil products too. We’ve already seen similar programs work in the food industry so it’s great to that beauty brands are now stepping up too.

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