Like little black dresses and blue denim, slogan tees will never go out of style. They’ve been used by designers to communicate social and political issues, promote cultural awareness and inspire self-expression, and you can find some of the best slogan t-shirts and sweaters in the biz on Hit and Run. Created by Mickey Ellis to be the antithesis of the fast fashion industry, Hit and Run is a platform for both emerging and established artists to spread their message in a creative and environmentally friendly way.

Designs by the likes of Matthew Miller, Jake Chapman, Pam Hogg, Elizabeth Ilsley, Kyle De’Volle, i-D and the RCA, offering witty and uncensored takes on everything from capitalism to LGBTQ+ rights to pop culture are exclusively available on the site. In keeping with the anti-fast fashion ethos, every item is digitally printed to order, using non-toxic inks and organic cotton or recycled polyester garments, and shipped in plastic-free packaging. Hit and Run is the sustainable way to have something to say.