With two out of three of us owning a barbecue and a yearly charcoal consumption of 40,000 tonnes in the UK alone, it’s fair to say we do love a good barbie. No BBQ is complete without a squirt of trusty ketchup on your banger, a dollop of mayo with the potato salad, and a splash of sweet chilli to give those chicken wings an extra zing. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Heinz to find the perfect sauces to top off what’s sizzling in your garden.

While you can’t go wrong with the banger and burger staples, it’s always worth experimenting with something else on the grill, so we’ve found some recipes that’ll probably result in your neighbours inviting themselves over. We’ve even tracked down the best BBQ boxes for you to order straight to your home at the click of a button and have worked out the tastiest sauce/meat combos to get you firing up the charcoals come rain or shine. It’s time to get SAUCEY.

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