It’s hotting up out there so it’s important to stay hydrated when you’re picnicking in the park and cycling around town. You don’t have to just stick to water though, not when you can pick up a GUNNA craft soft drink. Made with sparkling water, natural juices and fruit extracts, with no artificial colours or preservatives, they’re great summer thirst quenchers and are perfect if you’re staying off the sauce.

There are four flavours in the GUNNA range – Steelworks: Cola & Ginger, Ginger Rebel: Ginger Lemonade, Muscovite: Lemonade & Mint, and Pink Punk: Raspberry Lemonade – all with less than 5% sugar. GUNNA is all about battling blandness by creating drinks with character.

And talking about character, you may have seen the brand’s four mascots cavorting around town; Steely the lion has graffitied a lockdown mural in Aldgate East featuring BoJo and Dominic Cummings, Flame the flamingo walked pink poodles through Regent’s Park; and all four of them recreated the iconic Beatles album cover at Abbey Road. If you’re out and about you can get cans of GUNNA at the supermarket, otherwise you can get them delivered directly to your door.

Stock up now because the heatwave is coming!