Baoziinn Chinatown 2 open

Baozilnn make some of the best dim sum in London, so news of another site is always a reason to get excited. Hot on the heels of opening down in Borough, the dumpling masters have opened up Baozilnn Chinatown 2, on Little Newport Street.  Taking over the old Baiwei site, the restaurant is set over three floors and is all about the Taiwanese street food. Snacks include Taiwanese Gua Bao filled with either ham, beef jerky or braised tofu; Taiwanese spicy sausage; Mantao omelette with chicken floss and pickled cucumber; and Taiwanese popcorn chicken.

Larger mains are based around Taiwanese bento such as Taiwanese crispy pork cutlets with rice, Taiwanese braised mince pork rice and Taiwanese popcorn chicken with rice. A good shout for a quick lunch in Soho. 

And fear not – those classic Baozilnn rainbow coloured dumplings will also be on the menu as well as some other signatures like Dan Dan noodles and steamed buns. 

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8 little Newport Street, WC2H 7JJ