get that new season smell

Whilst you’re working on that A/W wardrobe, don’t forget about the A/W perfumes. Yes it’s time to step away from those sweet summer scents and start spraying some of this little lot…

Girl of Now | Elie Saab

A mix of fruit (pear, mandarin, orange flower) and nut (pistachio, almond) notes make this fragrance feminine but not overly sweet. And it’s got a beaut bottle too.

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Fucking Fabulous | Tom Ford

You might not know what’s in it from the name but you defo do how this Tom Ford number is going to smell, and really isn’t that all that matters?

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Dream | GHOST

The floral notes, including rose and Moroccan orange flower, are light and feminine, whilst the musk and patchouli in there give more depth. Basically it’s the perfect bridge between summer and winter scents.

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Delectation Splendide | By Terry

Spice up your life with a splash of this decadent By Terry perfume. It’s got tobacco, cinnamon, ginger and patchouli and it smells divine.

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English Oak | Jo Malone London

It doesn’t get more autumnal than an oak forest and Jo Malone knows it….that’s why she’s created not one but two (oak & redcurrant and oak & hazelnut) earthy fragrances.

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