So you play racing games on your computer or console, maybe you’ve even got the steering wheel set up too, but what if we told you that you could play INSIDE the video game for real? That’s what new augmented reality go-karting experience Chaos Karts, from the team behind the Crystal Maze, is all about. To play Chaos Karts you sit inside a real go-kart and race around a digitally-projected track (they range from beach landscapes to outer space), where you can collect jewels, activate power-ups and launch weapons at your fellow players – imagine something like the shells and banana skins in Mario Kart and you’re on the right lines.

None of the obstacles will physically be on the track though, and the karts are fitted with anti-collision technology, so there’s no need for helmets and no chance of crashing into anything. Instead thanks to some state-of-the-art wizardry, it all feels very real and having had a couple of races ourselves, we can confirm it’s very fun too. Chaos Karts is launching right near Spitalfields at the end of August and if you’re desperate to race, you can book tickets now.

Opens Weds 15th September 2021
Fleet Street Hill, London, E2