When one half of LOTI decamped to New York in 2018, there was one place in particular that was missed when they got home: Sweetgreen. This salad spot is a phenomenon in NY and other US cities, as ubiquitous as Pret is in London. Well now London has its own answer to Sweetgreen – a new spot called Atis which is now open on City Road, just off Old Street roundabout.

If you have ever been to Sweetgreen then you’ll recognise the set up at Atis. In fact it’s almost exactly the same, although the menu is definitely quite different. You order at the counter, either choosing one of the salad bowls from the menu or to build your own, adding whatever takes your fancy from the rows of fresh salad leaves, grains, veggies and more. One of the key things at both Sweetgreen and Atis is that all the ingredients are ‘chopped’ in the bowl, ensuring everything is well mixed together with the dressings.

We’ve been going there three times a week since the start of the year and it’s safe to say that we are addicted. Current favourites are the Mushroom Ragu; wild rice, shredded kale, carrot, beetroot, mushroom ragu, soft boiled egg, goat’s cheese, crispy shallots and balsamic vinaigrette, and the Azteca; chopped romaine, spinach, sweetcorn, black beans, pickled red onions, crumbled feta, smashed avocado, tortilla chips and coriander lime dressing.


Atis is also open for breakfast serving coffee, granola, and porridge. They will soon launch a click and collect online ordering system whereby you can order in advance and grab your bag from the special pick up shelves at the front of the shop. In NY this is very handy as there is always a huge queue at Sweetgreen, so once word spreads about Atis we expect there to be huge queues there too!

145 City Rd, Hoxton, London EC1V 1AZ