2020 wasn’t exactly the easiest year to be dating – staying socially distanced is a bit of a vibe killer – but a new year brings a fresh start, and a fresh new focus on your love life. But if all the old apps aren’t doing it for you anymore and you’re ready to try something new, step into the Inner Circle.

It’s an app for people that like the fun of dating but also take it seriously – not necessarily looking-to-put-a-ring-on-it serious but wanting-to-meet-people-and-actually-go-on-dates serious. That means less swiping, fewer ghosters, and fewer time wasters who want a quick ego boost.

But how do they do this? Well firstly, Inner Circle asks all its users to take the ‘date better pledge’, which means being honest (catfishing is not cool), being respectful and being interested in having a conversation and getting to know someone. To make sure that people are the real deal, Inner Circle has a team who manually check that each user has uploaded good photos that will help them have success online  (not just topless bathroom selfies). They even suggest where more detail could be added to profiles, to help start conversations and make users show off what makes them unique. Ultimately,,these details make it quicker and easier for you to find someone on your level with similar expectations of dating.

If you’re someone who struggles to get the conversation going, then you’re in luck because the app also has question prompts and it even has a feature that autocorrects ‘hey’, ‘hi’ and ‘hello’ to something a bit more inventive so you can make a good first impression. Apparently, messages that start with a plain old ‘hey’ only get a 12% response rate and you’re worth more than 12%.

But all these features that help you to meet your match would be pointless if you never actually meet, and that’s what Inner Circle is really all about. In normal, pre-corona times, they host events and even have a member tried-and-tested list of venues that are ideal for a first date. It means you can get from match to meet as soon as possible. Of course, right now we need to keep our dating digital, but this will all be over soon, so get matching and chatting to some special people and before you know it we’ll be back out there mixing and mingling.  

What are you waiting for? Try a new way of dating and sign up to Inner Circle here.