Go to the gym, leave with a six-pack…a six-pack of beer that is. Yep GYMBOX is anti-Dry Jan this year and is doing a Bar Crawl class instead, where you actually leave with a pack of booze. Taking inspo from the pub, the strongman-style circuit class replaces regular equipment with kegs and includes keg lifts, squats, bunny hops and rope pulls, with beer pong challenges at the drinking game rest station – get the ball in and you win a 45-second rest, miss and you get a forfeit of ten burpees. The idea is to encourage exercise and drinking in moderation, and using a reward (in this case beer) to help increase motivation, so once you’ve sweated your way around the circuit, you get a pack of Tiny Rebel beers to take home. We’ll drink to that.

Mondays throughout Janaury 2022
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