anthony falco x yard sale

Pizza lovers listen up! Anthony Falco, the former chef of Roberta’s NYC (one of the most renowned pizza joints in the world) is flying over to London this summer to hook up with Yard Sale. He will add two of his signature pizzas to the menu, including ‘The Falco’ with grated parmesan, chilli flakes, garlic, basil, red onion and pork sausage and ‘The Wolf’ topped with mozzarella, oregano, mushrooms, speck ham and red onions, which will be available from July 12th – July 19th, as well as a yet-to-be-announced special that’ll be on the menu until the 31st July. Anthony will also be cooking across all three of Yard Sale’s joints and hosting a pizza making masterclass, and of course, Yard Sale will be hosting a ‘Yard Party’ in Walthamstow on the 16th July to celebrate the collab. Now who doesn’t want a pizz’a that?!

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Weds 12th – Mon 31st July 2017
Yard Sale Clapton, Finsbury Park & Walthamstow