The team behind ItalianJapanese joint Angelina in Dalston first ventured into Soho with cocktail bar Golden Gai, and now they’re turning it into kushikatsu spot Dai Chi, complete with a 28-cover dining room and six seat counter. Kushikatsu, a speciality from Osaka, is fried skewers of meat, fish and veg and at Dai Chi you’ll be able to eat it omakase style (aka in a tasting menu format).

The £35 set menu will start with two crudo courses followed by the kushikatsu, with skewers including shiso, shiitake & hazelnut; lotus root, goma & black sesame whipped tofu & aged balsamic; scallop, bergamot ponzu & Exmouth caviar; lobster tail & Hokkaido brioche ‘skewered lobster burger’; and lamb neck with ginger, rosemary, soy, harissa & mustard. They’ll be served with tsukemono pickles and chilled miso soup, before the final courses of a Japanese risotto and a dessert. And if you’re feeling a bit flash, there’s an upgraded £58 version of the menu featuring additional premium skewers like A5 wagyu tenderloin & white truffle and deep fried oysters with blackberry & yuzu kosho granita. We’ve had a few yakitori joints like Humble Chicken and Junsei opening in town recently, so perhaps this is the start of the kushikatsu wave.

Opens mid-November 2021
16A D’Arblay Street, London, W1F 8EA