The DC Universe isn’t just for the big screen anymore, it’s coming to the streets of London with Park Row. The ‘gastronomic restaurant experience’ will be fully immersive and feature five restaurants and bars inspired by iconic DC characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Harley Quinn and The Joker.

Park Row, housed in a Grade II-listed art deco dining room will feature Pennyworth’s, an homage to Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred; the Iceberg Lounge, with live entertainment; the Rogues Gallery; the Old Gotham City speakeasy; and Monarch Theatre, a £195 tasting menu experience with 360-degree projection mapping technology and immersive courses like a ‘poisonous’ mushroom made from parfait; scallop, oyster, caviar and white chocolate topped with gold leaf; a USDA Black Angus tenderloin with truffle; and edible jewellery. It may be all about comic book characters but the team behind Park Row is clearly taking it very seriously, having brought in chefs from Texture, Savoy Grill and South Lodge Hotel alongside Fat Duck alumni to develop the menus.

There’s so much going on here we genuinely have no idea whether this is going to be epic or awful, so watch this space.

Opens Tues 10th August 2021
77 Brewer St, Soho, London W1F 9ZN