an immersive coffee roastery is coming to london

Good news coffee snobs, Britain’s first immersive roastery store complete with JAVABOT – a Willy Wonka-esque roasting machine – is coming to London. Roasting Plant will open in January, the month when you most need your caffeine fix, with “roasting in real time” (we can see the hashtag already), which basically means you’ll be able to get just-roasted coffee blended to your own bespoke spec right there in store. The JAVABOT has tubes that will send your beans whizzing around the store until they reach the barista who will bag them up or knock you up a brew to take home.

But it’s not just a gimmick. Freshly roasted coffee, like fresh food, should always taste better and there’s no waste this way either because the machine selects the exact amount of beans to use, plus the company pays more than the Fair-Trade price and supports best practise in their suppliers and farms. There’s 50 seats inside the store, a light food menu and Roasting Plant’s experience in the US to back it up. Looks like we all know where we’ll be going for coffee next year.

Opens Weds 16th January 2018
4 Borough High Street, London, SE1 9QQ