A DC Universe inspired restaurant has just opened and now a brand new immersive experience set in Batman’s Gotham City is coming to the capital too. Opening next year, Arkham Asylum has recreated the psychiatric hospital from the DC world and filled it with all sorts of multi-sensory activities, augmented reality and dark theatrical twists.

Not for the faint hearted (you’ll have to be 18+ to get into this one), it features a completely original storyline which makes you the main character and a resident of Gotham. Basically, Batman has gone missing, the city is in tatters and psychiatrist Jeremiah Arkham has a plan to restore order which includes summoning everyone to a psychological examination with some pretty dodgy treatment methods. You’ll be searching for clues and mingling with other DC characters (including the likes of Scarecrow, Catwoman and Poison Ivy) to try and escape and find the caped crusader.

And to pay a little respect to the fact that this experience is set in a psychiatric hospital, the peeps behind it have also partnered with suicide prevention charity CALM to raise awareness and fundraise for their services. There’s still a while to wait, but judging by the trailer you’ll need a few months to psych yourself up and tickets are on sale now. You go first, yeah?

Opens Autumn 2022
Secret London location