An Immersive Balloon Museum has Landed in London

It’s all about inflatable art

We’ve got an exhibition dedicated to bubbles on in London at the moment and it’s not the only air-based art show in town as the Balloon Museum has landed in the capital. Currently showing in Naples and New York, and with over two million people visiting it on its stops in Paris, Rome, Milan and Madrid, the Balloon Museum bills itself as the first inflatable art museum and only includes works where air is a distinctive element.

In New York there’s a huge immersive inflatable maze, a POV video that takes you into digital inflatable worlds, a floating balloon tree, and a mirror room filled with balloons, and the Naples exhibition includes swings suspended from glowing clouds, light sculptures powered by bicycle and a VR rainbow experience.

The London edition of the Balloon Museum, with its exhibition entitled EmotionAir, is open at Old Billingsgate and features pieces from 20 artists. The display is a mix of new works and installations seen in other cities, including pink rabbits, a kaleidoscope of colour, and sound trapped in floating bubbles.

The Balloon Museum has stops in more American and European cities after London so you’ll want to catch it here before it flies away.

Until Sun 14th April 2024
1 Old Billingsgate Walk, London EC3R 6DX