London is home to a fair few escape rooms but this new one from The Riddle Within is a first as it’s set on a real plane (decommissioned though, so you won’t actually be taking off). For Flight 338, set in the grounds of Greenwich’s Studio 338, you and the rest of your old gang are thrust back together after being framed and found guilty for a crime. You’re being prepped, handcuffs and all, for transportation on a prisoner plane but one of the crew has disappeared, leaving some clues on board that’ll help you escape too, you just gotta solve the puzzles first.

The Riddle Within is also launching an escape room inspired by the HBO series Chernobyl early next year. Chernobyl: 10 Seconds to Midnight is set in April 1986 and the nuclear reactor is on the brink of meltdown. You’ll have 60 minutes to decipher codes, solve problems and prevent the core from blowing. Both experiences will only be in London for three months and you can get tickets now.

Opens November 2019
338 Boord St, London SE10 0PF