An Accidentally Wes Anderson Exhibition is Coming to London

Wes Anderson fans, your fave IG account is coming back in IRL again this winter

An ‘Accidentally Wes Anderson’ exhibition is coming to London, featuring over 200 photos of buildings and landscapes from around the world that look as though they could be backdrops in a Wes Anderson flick. The Accidentally Wes Anderson concept originally started out on Instagram when Brooklyn-based husband and wife team Wally and Amanda started their personal project of capturing images reminiscent of shots by the director. Since then, it’s really taken off: there’s been a book, various pop-ups, and now, an interactive exhibition in London.

The show will be spread out across seven themed rooms, including ‘Classic Facades’ ‘Transport’, ‘Maritime’ and ‘Hotels/Motels’, each filled with photographs that evoke Wes Anderson’s distinct style in different ways, whether through Art Nouveau exteriors, pastel hues, vintage modes of transportation or an abundance of symmetry. The second to last room – ‘The London Room’ – will centre around Accidentally Wes Anderson photos of the city and guests will be able to submit their own photos for the chance to be featured. Tickets are on sale now, so snap them up!

Until Sun 28th July 2024
85 Old Brompton Road, South Kensington, London SW7 3LD