amirandes elixir alchemy spa

Relaxation is the number one factor when we’re off on a beach holiday and taking full advantage of a top-notch spa is something we don’t get to do very often. The Elixir Alchemy Spa at the Grecotel Amirandes resort in Crete offers seven private treatment rooms, an indoor pool, sauna, beauty room, gym and open air seafront yoga area.

Using organic plants and extracts from Crete’s rare, aromatic herbs, Elixir Alchemy Spa offers something unique, with a whole host of Ayurvedic treatments carried out by Indian therapists in addition to more traditional spa therapies. We experienced the Sirodhara, which involves a massage of the whole body before warm oil is poured onto the forehead in a pattern which we found particularly calming. Sirodhara is said to help relieve stress of the mind and also good for those who have trouble sleeping…needless to say, we had no trouble getting to sleep after this, our first Sirodhara but definitely not our last. The Sirodhara treatment lasts 75 minutes, costs 115€ and ends with a head massage you won’t ever forget.

One for the body more so than the mind is the Elakkizhi, a deeply relaxing full body massage before warm roasted leaf bags are stamped over your body. This is great for people who have muscle stiffness, joint or back pain as the hot bags increase blood circulation and help expel toxins through your sweat. The Elakkizhi last for 75 minutes and is 130€.

With a range of treatments for your whole body you can certainly find something to help you zone out here that’s for sure.