All over the world, people are venturing out from their own homes in search of something different to do. In particular, London is not just an extremely popular destination for tourists all over the globe, but for high rollers who are close to London or live in it as there are many great opportunities to have an alternative night out. In fact, although going to nightclubs has always been a common thing to do in London, people are increasingly wanting a unique experience. As London attracts around 30 million visitors from around the world every year, it is worth exploring how many businesses are trying to attract high roller through their doors.

Firstly, in recent years there has been a trend for high rollers to want to have a fantastic, entertaining night out that also offers them the possibility of winning money. This is why places like the Clermont Club has experienced an upsurge in the volume of people entering its doors. For those who prioritise sophistication and luxury, the Clermont club which is located in the Palladian mansion not only hosts classic casino games like slots, roulette and blackjack but also integrates visual elements from old style brick and mortar gambling establishments. It is an exclusive, affluent casino that has added benefits including concierge service and its perfect for those who want to dress up as it enforces a formal dress code. With so many casinos cropping up all over London, this one truly stands out for both beginner and advanced gamblers. For those who are not close to the area of London, technological developments have enabled high roller to recreate this type of night out by opting to try one of the many high stake casino sites instead. Not only does it allow casino fans to join in on all of the fun, but they can also have an outstanding night as if they were in London from the comfort of their own homes.

Furthermore, although going out to eat at a restaurant in common practice in places like London, for high rollers there has been a recent tendency to create a luxurious dining experience. This is why many Londoners are flocking to Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester to sample some of the best food from all around the globe. This restaurant is quickly becoming a favourite among food fans and high rollers as not only has it been awarded with three Michelin stars but it has also achieved success with its lavish, simmering décor, exquisite service and all-round elegant flair. The menu has been crafted by some of the best chefs in the country which truly takes your dining experience to the next level. It is the perfect way to spend some of the money that you may have won when visiting a casino.

Moreover, for those adrenaline seekers who want to experience something truly different, Fight Club in London is a hub for physical activity and it is where people can socialised in a unique and fun way. Groups of 37 or more can play a game of digital darts where they can also have the opportunity to indulge in cocktails and other drinks. Known also for its pleasant atmosphere, it is the ideal night out for those who have been working all week and want to blow off some steam. Fight Club has also received an abundance of positive reviews hailing the staff for their friendliness as well as their quick service which truly makes it a great place to visit.

Lastly, visiting Bounce on Old Street in London is guaranteed to be a highly entertaining evening as it is one of the most special ping pong bars in London. It features 17 tables that can host up to 20 guests at one time, and the table service policy has been put in place for customers to conveniently order their drinks and their pizzas to their tables. This location is also known for hosting a variety of events like bottomless brunch which is available at weekends and football fans can also catch a glimpse of various football events like the Premier League and the European football games. With a party style atmosphere, there is certainly no need to go clubbing if you visit Bounce.

In conclusion, there are a myriad of places where people can go on a night out in London to win money including the top casinos around London. For those high rollers who are seeking to make money whilst being entertained, there are a plethora of casinos like the Clermont Club to visit or alternatively there are also online casinos for those who want to recreate the fun from home. For other unique nights out that don’t centre on clubbing, Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, the Fight Club and Bounce on Old Street are a great alternative. If you are a high roller in London, whatever destination you choose remember to consult with everyone before going to see if they are happy with the choice of venue and take a look at the reviews to ensure that you will have a good experience.