Move over brunch because there’s a new kind of bottomless in town and it sounds GRATE. Pick & Cheese in Seven Dials Market is running all-you-can-eat cheese events for the rest of the year to support the British cheesemakers affected by the pandemic.

Pick & Cheese, the conveyor belt restaurant in Seven Dials Market, started doing bottomless cheese and charcuterie for £20pp during the EOTHO scheme in August, and now they’ve decided to extend it for the rest of the year. That means from Weds – Sun until 2021 you can feast on the likes of Rosary goats’ cheese in a mini doughnut with rosemary honey; Spenwood with cherry & amaretto jam and Fen Farm’s Baron Bigod with marinated sweet garlic.

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Seven Dials Market, Short’s Gardens, London, WC2H 9AT