Perhaps it was the novelty factor, or maybe the sheer boredom, but we seem to remember that finding the motivation to workout was a lot easier to come by in previous lockdowns. Last March we were hopping on to Instagram live classes like an influencer getting on a plane to Dubai. We bicep curled bottles of wine when dumbbells temporarily turned into a precious metal. And we mapped out morning run routes that would have impressed Ant Middleton.

Now? We find ourselves wondering if the walk to the kitchen fulfils the daily guidelines for government recommended exercise. The good news is, it’s perfectly fine not to spring out of bed every morning feeling intrinsically motivated to get that workout in. Not everybody will. However, the even better news is that there are ways to make it much easier to keep your fitness levels up during this final hurdle of lockdown (at least we hope it’s the final hurdle).

We asked Ruby Tuttlebee, fitness instructor at Blok and East London based PT, to share some top tips to keep us moving….

Photo By Max Oppenhiem

1. Identify what exercise you like doing

Exercise definitely shouldn’t be a chore, Ruby says. “It’s so important to work in tune with your body, rather than against it. Find out what movement you enjoy, whether it’s yoga, HIIT or a long walk. In current times don’t waste time planning or doing something that won’t be satisfying or fun!”  

2. Make and plan and write it down

There is countless evidence to suggest that you are significantly more likely to reach a goal if you write it down. “I always plan my workouts ahead and write them down, so that I don’t have any excuse to procrastinate on the day. I also tell my clients to write down how they feel after a workout and what they achieved. This way they can look back and feel motivated by their progress.”

3. Keep it simple and realistic

Sometimes we overcomplicate things and try to do too much at once. “It’s fine to repeat yesterday’s workout. If it worked for you, and you enjoyed it, then do it again. Keep goals simple and realistic and build them up over time. Try to identify barriers that might impact your training (time, space, childcare) so that you don’t set yourself up for failure.”

4. Imagine yourself in an environment that inspires you

“I sometimes try to envisage myself in an environment I thrive in, for me – Legends Gym in Dalston. I ask myself how I would act there, what kind of energy I would feel. And to help me get in the zone I’ll even make a playlist that reminds me of being in that gym. It really works!”

5. Avoid comparison

Our screen time is at an all-time high and Instagram is saturated with content about how people are staying fit. “We must avoid comparing ourselves to people we see online” Remember, everyone you see has different goals and circumstances to you. Just focus on yourself – think of what you are trying to achieve and what makes you happy.”

A final word from Ruby, “Set yourself up for success! Finish your training feeling empowered and proud.” And at LOTI, we’re partial to laying out our gym kit the night before a workout, buddying up for the extra level of accountability, and of course setting an alarm to help find those extra 45 mins in your day. Whatever you do, just don’t hit snooze. And remember, you’ve got this.

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