all about that bass

Music is absolutely essential at all times of the day but sometimes, like when you’ve got an especially bangin’ playlist on the go, you want to share it rather than keeping it in your headphones. That’s where portable Bluetooth speakers come in real handy, so press play on one of these five…

Get Together Mini | House of Marley

Not only does this speaker sound fantastic and stay playing for ten hours, thanks to its bamboo faceplate and special fabric covering made from reclaimed and recycled materials, it’s environmentally conscious too. Go for the palm print for extra tropical vibes.

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MP233 | Edifier

As well as producing a sound that’s far bigger than its size, you can connect to this Edifier speaker in all kinds of ways; you can play music from a Micro SD card as well as via Bluetooth and you can even take phone calls on it thanks to the built-in mic.

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Beoplay P2 | B&O

There’s portable and there’s pocket size…yes the Beoplay is super lightweight and super easy to transport but is still big on sound.

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ONESTYLE | Libratone

This strap on this slick little speaker means you can hook it to all manner of things, like your backpack if you’re that type of person, and play your music on the move.

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Tykho Booster | Lexon

This boombox style speaker is made out of silicone so it’s durable and water resistant, perfect for blaring out the tunes whilst you’re in the bath.

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