alice in wonderland | the hunt for the cheshire cat

Tumble down the rabbit hole into a world of nonsense, riddles, and contradiction with HiddenCity’s new Alice in Wonderland-themed adventure. The Cheshire Cat has escaped Wonderland, and it’s your job to chase the cheeky bastard across the capital, following clues that the flighty feline sends to your mobile. Your team of explorers will start out at the National Gallery and follow a trail that gets curiouser and curiouser as you weave through galleries, descend into cellar vaults, scour literary archives, and choose who to trust. Along the way, you just might uncover a darker side to Wonderland and, perhaps, yourself too. But that’s ok…we’re all mad here.

Think you have what it takes to go through the looking glass and back again? Then break out your patent-leather shoes and apron, and head out on this one-of-a-kind adventure into the absurd.

Weds 6th Dec 2017 – Mon 5th Feb 2018
National Portrait Gallery, St. Martin’s Place, London, WC2H 0HE