alice skinner | illustrator

So who the f*ck is Alice? Don’t worry, she has that on her own Instagram, we aren’t being rude. Alice is an illustrator, a proud feminist and best known for her creative, vivid and storytelling. If you like the colour pink, the cheeky side of art and are into things like fun, well you’ll just love Alice.

Where do you live in London and what do you like about the area?

I live in Hornsey, which is near Crouch End in North London. I was living in West London for four years, so it is really nice to be back home where I grew up. It’s really strange, the area has a village feel in the middle of London. It’s nice to know everyone there, I can go out and bump into everyone I went to school with! There are a lot of nice shops, parks, and it’s really easy to get to everywhere.

You tackle big subjects in your illustrations, talk us through how you find inspiration for your work.

I’m really inspired by a lot of female artists and creators that I follow on Instagram. When I see these women thriving and making all this incredible work around me, it really kick starts within me a need to be doing that too. Whenever I feel really uninspired, I just have to open a newspaper, read something, get thoroughly depressed by it and then make a piece or art around it. The world is not short of inspiration.

Alice Skinner is a Illustrator living in London

You’ve teamed up with Benefit to create a street art mural that’ll be on display in both Shoreditch and Brighton. Why did you want to work with the brand for this project?

Working with Benefit Cosmetics is an absolute dream and this is one of my most exciting projects to date. I have always been a big fan of the brand, not only because of their products, but for everything else they stand for. They celebrate women. They believe that beauty is more than skin deep and that laughter is the best cosmetic. The brand’s artwork and packaging have always shared a similar aesthetic to mine and that’s why it’s been so fun to create something together with them. Their values are so aligned with my own so it’s been a natural fit for me to work with them in this capacity.

The inspiration for the murals came from the overarching truth that great things happen when women come together and support each other’s actions and accomplishments. We’re surrounded by examples of this: just look at how women came together to build Waterloo Bridge during wartime…and more recently look at how the #metoo movement is helping to shape the world in which we live.

Can you tell us about some of your current fave pieces that you’ve done?

I just did a piece in celebration of Notting Hill Carnival about sexism in music, it’s a project I’ve been working on for about four years now and I dip in and out of. It’s very close to my heart and apparently to lots of other people too. There is a conflict in loving good music that has terrible sexist lyrics.

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Describe your perfect day in London.

My perfect day in London would probably be going to TATE Gallery and having a look around. Then, I’d wander down to Borough Market, have a glass of wine and do a bit of shopping before heading back home.