Normal advent calendars are fun and all but why wake up to the same old chocolate every morning when you could crack open something way more fun? Granted, we do have a soft spot for that cheap, slightly artificial-tasting chocolate, and anyone who says they haven’t opened the top of the box, slid out the tray and scoffed all 25 pieces in one go is lying, but the best advent calendars for 2023 hold much more interesting surprises inside. From beauty advent calendars from big hitters like Liberty and Selfridges to boozy advent calendars for adults, these are the ways you want to be counting down to the big day.

Pip & Nut

Not only is the calendar for nut butter and dark chocolate lovers (and it’s vegan too), but for every one sold Pip & Nut is donating two jars of peanut butter to Hackney Foodbank.

Tony’s Chocolonely

There’s a Tiny Tony’s bar behind each door of this advent calendar, with flavours including dark milk pretzel toffee, milk chocolate caramel sea salt, and white raspberry popping candy.


Beer fans are in for a treat this Christmas as Beavertown’s advent calendar is filled with 24 different beers, including old faves and new exclusives, plus a festive glass to drink them from.


As well as being filled with award-winning oat milk chocolate made using single origin Colombian cocoa, this Happi advent calendar is also totally plastic-free.

Mariage Frères

If the only way to start the morning is with a cuppa, then this is the only advent calendar you need. Sip your way through 25 festive teas from luxury French tea house Mariage Frères.

Dry Drinker

Dry Drinker has created the ultimate beer advent calendar for people who don’t drink. It’s got the best alcohol-free lagers, IPAs and stouts inside, plus a spesh AF Christmas ale for the 24th.

cheese geek advent calendar

The Cheese Geek

It ain’t easy being cheesy, unless you have The Cheese Geek advent calendar that is. This one comes in three parts to keep the cheese fresh (and to stop you from eating all in one go) along with crackers, honey and a condiment.

Pierre Marcolini

Renowned chocolatier Pierre Marcolini always delivers a delish advent calendar and this year’s Frosty Christmas one is no different, featuring festive boxes of caramels, truffles, pralines and more.

Selfridges Beauty

The Selfridges beauty advent calendar is back and is absolutely stuffed with goodies. The selection of products includes brands like Charlotte Tilbury, REFY, Pleasing, JVN, Byredo, Kylie Cosmetics, 111SKIN and Dr Barbara Sturm.


You can never go wrong with a candle for Christmas so you can never ever go wrong with a candle advent calendar. This Diptyque baby contains three spesh festive scents as well as some other treasures.


The OG beauty calendar is still one of the best and this year, it gets you over £1000 worth of products, including more than 15 full-size ones from the likes of REN, Sunday Riley, Votary, Dr Sebagh, Byredo and Aromatherapy Associates, for £250.


What’s better than a piece of jewellery for Christmas? Twelve of them, and that’s exactly what you get with this Missoma calendar. It’s also got pull-out drawers and lid with a mirror so you can use it to store your jewels all year round.

Blue Goose Coffee

Coffee lovers can get their hands on the Blue Goose Coffee calendar, with seven blends of coffee to be tasted throughout the advent period. Plus, if you find a Golden Egg in yours, you could win prizes such as coffee bundles, subscriptions or Nespresso machines.

Lakrids by Bülow

If chocolate doesn’t quite cut it for you anymore, you’ve gotta give chocolate-covered liquorice a try. Luxury confectionery brand Lakrids by Bülow has launched this gourmet calendar stuffed with 48 treats (spread out across 24 days). Expect flavours to include the likes of salt & caramel, butter cookie, crispy raspberry and frozen mint.

Birley Bakery

If you’ve ever taken a trip to Birley Bakery’s site in Chelsea, you’ll recognise the design on this box as the same as is on the shop’s walls. This calendar is filled with dark, milk and white chocolate-coated peanuts, pistachios, coconut, hazelnuts and almonds (apparently Beyoncé’s a fan).

Love Cocoa

Start your December mornings the decadent way with this chocolate truffle advent calendar from Love Cocoa. It’s got spiced gingerbread, salted caramel, hazelnut crunch and hazelnut praline truffles (all with ethical and palm oil-free chocolate) inside and it’s also completely plastic-free too.