adidas speedfactory to open in london

Feel the need, the need for speed? Well, you’re in luck adidas are opening a Speedfactory in London. The Speedfactory is a hyper-flexible shoe factory that can be placed anywhere in the world, and enables them to combine speed in manufacturing with the flexibility to rethink conventional processes, and that means they can give you what you really want – yes, your own shoe created in collaboration with adidas. Working together means greater precision, unique design, and high performance, and what’s even better is that it’s all done at a super speedy rate.

The first project of Speedfactory is the AM4 LDN series. Created specifically for London, the individually designed and manufactured shoes have been developed for commuting runners. adidas have gone above and beyond to make sure these shoes are perfect too and worked with a group of commuter runners from London to ensure the shoes are versatile, and suitable for long and short distances whether you’re running through busy streets or open spaces. We went behind the scenes to see first hand how our data can be used and experienced the adidas running lab, pressure pads, foot and motion data scanning which all went into creating the Made 4 London.

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