Situated close to the French Riviera, Monaco is a regal country that attracts the rich and famous. Adorned with luxurious hotels, resorts, and casinos, Monaco offers the ideal weekend getaway experience. When you think of Monaco, we’re not surprised if James Bond comes to mind. The Monte Carlo Casino is one of the most glamorous Bond movie locations we got to feast our eyes on. Monaco has so much to offer in addition to its glamorous casinos. Are you looking for ways to spend your time when you’re not playing craps, poker or blackjack on the casino floor? Perhaps you’d like to experience the country beyond what the casino has to offer? Rightfully so, as Monaco is a playground where your wildest dreams can come true. 

Here are some luxury things to do in Monaco:
1. Party at Jimmy’z

It’s considered mandatory to go clubbing at Jimmy’z when you arrive in Monaco. No other venue can quite deliver the same clubbing experience. Situated in Monte Carlo, it is a favourite venue for the royal and rich to party at. You’re bound to see many famous faces frequent Jimmy’z. Stars such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Eva Longoria, and Bono have all been spotted having a good time at Jimmy’z. Prices are undisclosed, however, clubbers are guaranteed a luxury experience.

2. Be bold and touch a shark at the Oceanographic Museum

Granted this doesn’t come with a huge price tag, the experience itself guarantees a splendid time. The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is superbly located 90 metres above sea level. This is the ideal tourist attraction for people who love marine life and artefacts. If you’re feeling brave, head to the museum’s touch tank where you’ll get to touch a baby shark. 

3. Go shopping

A trip to Monaco without any shopping would be in vain. Monaco is known for its luxury which definitely means you can find a superb range of upscale shopping opportunities. For the best designer accessories, such as perfume and jewellery, head to the Avenue de Monte-Carlo. For the most famous fashion brands, Boulevard des Moulins is the place to splurge your cash. Named after Grace Kelly, Avenue Princess Grace also has a good range of elegant clothes and accessories you’ll love.

4. Drive an F1 car

If you’re in town for the Monaco Grand Prix, one of the most prestigious races in the world, you can experience a legendary F1 race in luxury. For the proper amount of money, you can embody Lewis Hamilton or Ayrton Senna for a weekend. Wondering about the logistics? Don’t worry, you’ll be trained and coached to be a pilot. Book a former or actual pilot to drive you around the streets of Monaco in an F1 3-seater. Embrace the thrills and feel the adrenaline rush soaring through your body with this exclusive and luxury experience.

5. Book a dining experience at Le Louis XV

This unique establishment is inspired by the French Riviera, Le Louis XV restaurant is where you’ll experience luxury dining in Monaco. The internationally renowned chef Alan Ducasse spectacularly raised the standards of this fine establishment and received 3 Michelin stars. Make sure you adhere to the dress code and be ready to spend a minimum of £240 on the menu, excluding drinks. It’s worth the price tag as Le Louis XV is where excellence and refinement merge to give you a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Describing it as fancy truly is an understatement. This classic style with chic golden fixtures establishment is a treat for the eyes. 

6. Charter a luxury yacht

Chilling on a yacht is the pinnacle of a weekend getaway in Monaco. When you’re not on the casino floor, you should definitely be cruising on a yacht with friends and family. It’s what Monaco dreams are made of – champagne in hand, adorned in Versace sunglasses. Cruise the port of Monaco and take in the surreal scenes because you’ve arrived in the most glamorous destination around the world!

7. Tee off at the Monte Carlo Golf Club

Located at an altitude of 900 metres, an emerald paradise bordered by turquoise waters awaits. Monte-Carlo Golf Club offers superb views as you tee off and take on this rewarding course. Both club and day members are welcome to enjoy the perks of this exclusive golf course. 

8. Pamper yourself with a spa treatment

Amidst all the touring, you deserve a spa treatment at the Thermes Marin. A chance to relax and reconnect with yourself, guests are given the highest quality treatments. From table shower massages with shea butter to sea mud body wraps, your wellness will be taken care of. You’re guaranteed to leave feeling refreshed and ready for the next round of shopping!

The ultimate Monaco getaway

Monaco is the annual backdrop of the Monaco Grand Prix and playground for the rich and famous. It’s unique beauty and luxury definitely exceeds its small size with a population of approximately 39,000 residents. There is so much to do and see during your weekend getaway to this gorgeous European destination. Are you ready to experience regal Monaco?