a vagina museum is opening

No giggling at the at the back, but the world’s first VAGINA museum is opening in London. Iceland has a penis museum so it’s about time our lady parts got their time to shine. The museum will celebrate vaginas, vulvas and all the people who have them by hosting events across Shoreditch this autumn. That includes a Hidden Figures screening at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen with a panel from women of colour who work in STEM, and a talk on ‘vulvanomics’ from Emma Rees, the author of ‘The Vagina: A Literary & Cultural History’. The Book Club will also be hosting an all-female comedy night and a screening of TEETH! followed by a Q&A with Amanda DiGioia, the author of ‘Childbirth and Parenting in Horror Texts: The Marginalized and the Monstrous’, and at the end of November the Vagina Museum will host London’s only science cabaret. Whether you’ve got a vagina or not, this is one not to miss.

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