a pawsecco bar is opening

Think your pooch has it better than you do? Well this one will really kick you in the balls – London’s first dedicated doggy bar is opening in Chelsea this summer. The Pawsecco Bar is popping up at the front of The Pet Pavilion and will serve your four-legged friend a relaxed tipple, and you if you’re lucky. Of course the dogs won’t be getting real alcohol, and instead will be drinking the Pawsecco, a blend of elderflower, nettle, ginseng and limeflower, or if your dog’s a bit of a LAD there’s always Doggy ‘Bottom Sniffer’ Beer. And if they get a bit peckish there’s always Doggy Gelato and canapés – yes bloody canapés! So if you want to share a hooch with your pooch (and give them the 5* treatment) you know where to go…

Or if you just wanna take your dog to the beer garden, have a look here.

Opening Fri 23rd June 2017
Chelsea Farmers Market, 125 Sydney Street, London SW3 6NR