A New Mexico City-Style Taqueria Has Opened in Soho

CDMX Tacos is all about pork, beef and cactus

Can you get good tacos in London? It’s a long-running debate, with one side shouting out places like Tacos Padre, Homies on Donkeys, Sonora and La Chingada, and the other saying our taco scene is not a patch on what you can find in Mexico or the US. The flames are set to be fanned once more as Billy Sengupta has thrown his hat in the ring with CDMX Tacos, which is promising to bring “the most authentic” tacos from Mexico City to London.

The Soho taqueria, decked out in Coca-Cola colours, has a simple set-up, serving just four tacos and four quesadillas, with fillings of al pastor (marinated pork), chicharron (crispy pork belly), asada (grilled beef) and nopal (grilled cactus), and sides of chips with guac or salsa and potatoes with crema. The all-Mexican drinks list is just as tight, with three beers (Victoria, Dos Equis and Modello) sitting alongside jarritos and Mexican coke. It looks pretty legit, but the proof will be in the pudding.

1 Green’s Court, London W1F 0HA