For those who aren’t familiar with F45, the workout first started in Sydney in 2012, came to the UK in 2017 and is London’s fastest growing studio brand. The F stands for functional training, which combines circuit and HIIT style workouts centred around everyday movement, and the 45 stands for the minutes that each class lasts for. With the slogan “team training life changing” and after seeing the before and after posters dotted across the city it’s fair to say we had pretty high expectations for F45, and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

We went down to the Cannon St branch, which opened in April, to try it for ourselves. The studio is relatively large and has all the necessary amenities you could possibly need after completing one of their classes. As the slogan suggests, you’re put into teams during workouts where you are given a number. The studio has a circuit layout with different exercises around the room. Once split into groups, your exercises and instructions will appear on the screen as you make your way around the circuit. This feature makes classes really easy to follow, with it showing how many reps you’ve done so far and have got to do as well as timings and rest periods.  

Although the classes at F45 are pretty damn hardcore, there’s no need to be intimidated as it’s opens to all fitness levels, with exercises being altered to suit ability. So if you’re wanting to get in shape for summer, improve your fitness levels or just love to workout then F45 is ideal for you.  

Price wise classes at F45 Cannon Street cost £25 per class or you can bag yourself a two week trial membership for £49 which gets you unlimited classes for 14 consecutive days (new members only). 

72 Upper Thames St, London EC4R 3TA