You don’t have to be a boxer to appreciate boxing. Let’s get that straight. Boxcon is a class that BLOK offer for those who want to get the gloves on but don’t want to take a punch. Boxcon will get you to boxer-level fitness through high tempo conditioning workouts which are so. much. fun. If you don’t know BLOK, it’s an award-winning boutique fitness brand that incorporates art, design and fashion, with an epic studio in Clapton complete with a boxing ring, a beautiful space in Shoreditch and one up in Manchester.

Over the last few months, we’ve got deep into boxing, especially the Boxcon class. And we’re not just doing one workout here and saying it’s great. We’ve sweated, there’s been blood (our own blood), we’ve learned how the class works and what you put in most definitely comes back to reward you.

If you are interested in boxing, you will love this class. If you are unsure, believe us and get yourself along and have a go. The class is built around conditioning, which happens to have a boxing theme. There are lots of drills on the bag where you get to get the gloves on, you’ll learn basic techniques, stances, punch combinations, but do not expect to become a boxer on this alone, this is for fitness. Besides the fun on the bag, which is high pace and high volume, Boxcon is designed to stress your body and force yourself to push, so the workout is in your mind too. There is work with weights to isolate specific muscle groups, often are heavy on the shoulders and legs, and there’s cardio too. You will become a fan of burpees.

All the trainer who teach Boxcon are different and have their own style but they all stick to what the class aims to deliver, which is why we love it so damn much. So let’s give you a heads up on who likes what. You’ve got Jermaine J, a former professional dancer and now personal trainer who is all about form, he wants you to punch right, understand the movement in how power is generated and loves to make your shoulders feel like they belong to someone else with his dumbbell routine.

Andrew doesn’t like breaks, he will tell you this, repeatedly. He’s head of fitness at BLOK and an expert in MMA, ju-jitsu and muay thai. His no let-up approach might be brutal (hello first timers), Andrew is on hand to keep you motivated and blast through rounds of skipping as well as back-to-back cardio and weights. No breaks, you don’t stop. You’re likely to sweat like you’ve never sweated before. Caleb is a former Super Middleweight Southern Area Champion and will keep you on your toes. That’s his thing, he wants you to keep moving, to be alert, to be ready, get into the rhythm of the bounce. His classes are high energy with big loud tunes and lots action.

We’ve rotated through (mainly) these three guys specifically for Boxcon over the last few months, attending around two to four sessions per week (of our overall weekly workout schedule), and yes we’ve had the odd slip but we’ve noticed a huge increase in our fitness. The beer gut has been trimmed, we’re more toned, we’re stronger, we’ve got a drive that plays into our work life and not just workouts. The biggest benefit from Boxcon is how good we feel, not just in the class but after it and before it. We sleep better, eat better and genuinely look forward to being put through our paces.

So, you’re thinking about it right? All you need are wraps – the bandages to protect your knuckles and support your wrists – and a water bottle. Gloves are provided and you don’t need a partner, just show up, find a space and listen.

Check the schedule for the next Boxcon session, we might see you there. Ding Ding.

2 Hearn St, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3BR
The Tram Depot 38-40 Upper Clapton Rd, Clapton, London E5 8BQ