a giant roaming gateau is coming to smithfield

Smithfield Market is celebrating its 150th birthday this August and Bompaas & Parr are taking care of the cake. As you’d expect from these two, it’s no Colin the Caterpillar, this will be a 6-foot tall Gallivanting Gateau that will move though the crowds during the festival celebrations, even stopping to allow people to pull on a giant cake cutter and release birthday cake flavoured sherbet. The cake installation has been inspired by carnival floats and the historical monuments made of food that used to take to the streets during fairs centuries ago, so look out for this one on insta.

Wanna see some more mad Bompas and Parr creations? Check out their take on ice cream here.

Sun 26th August, 11am – 8pm
Smithfield Market, London, EC1A 9PS