Sure Orange twirls are good but have you ever wished you could crawl inside a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and just bed down there for the night? Well now you can….sort of. Club Med have created a chocolate orange-themed hotel room at their La Rosière ski resort (which is in France FYI so yes there’s the issue of quarantine to contend with but surely if anything was worth 14 nights at home it’s THIS) and they’ve really committed to the theme. There’s blue and orange bed sheets, segment slices on the headboard, chocolate orange-scented toilet paper, a Christmas tree adorned with actual chocolate oranges and a personalised stocking stuffed with even more chocolate.

If you run out, you can ring up for more with hot chocolate orange and chocolate orange desserts on the VIP menu. And if all that doesn’t make you sick, you can hit the slopes for some skiing too.

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La Rosière, Montvalezan 73700, France