The team behind ABQ, the immersive Breaking Bad cocktail bar, is back with new concept Journey, and yes it’s got a champagne puking unicorn in the bar. Opening in Chelsea this October, Journey is all about taking you on a – you guessed it – ‘journey’, thanks to a series of tasting menus centred around different routes across the world. There are four routes to choose from, with each one including four courses and four paired drinks (vegan options are available), with Disappearing Dining Club taking care of the food.

These are the first journeys on offer:

The Silk Road (China > Pakistan/India > Persia > The Mediterranean with dishes like Punjabi spiced mussels and grilled peach with lemon sorbet)

Castilla (Peru > Mexico > Spain > The Philippines with dishes like bream & salmon ceviche and seabass with chorizo, fennel and saffron aioli)

Eastern Block (The Baltics > Poland > Romania/Bulgaria > Russia with dishes like potato cake with ham hock and sauerkraut and roast lamb rump with beetroot and barley)

The Raj (Great Britain > Pakistan/India > USA > Kenya with dishes like oysters and mango sobert with dark chocolate and coffee syrup) 

And as well as that puking unicorn, which is sure to get a lot of insta love, you can also pop into espresso martini bar Chelsea Black for some pre- or post-journey bevs.

Opens October 2019
459 King’s Rd, London SW10 0LR